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Aquadines Bureau
Akarma Food Products Produces and adds value to high quality grains
Rabitex Farms takes on the new Virgin Rabbit Meat market
Krystal Ice uses Fresh Natural Fruits to make Icepops for the nation
Texfad Vocational Business Incubator
Yellow Star Produce and Food Processors
Sky Food and Beverages
Chap chap Africa




About Us

Imuka Ventures has a strong local presence, team and expertise which provides a reliable platform for impact investors, venture capitalists and development partners to easily invest, support and monitor local SMEs for sustainable growth and profitability.

Imuka Ventures is a not-­for-­profit social enterprise registered in 2014 number 185672 under the laws of Uganda. It seeks to boost Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including start-ups with high growth potential. Imuka ventures works with experts to offer expert skills and mentoring in business development services and acts as an intermediary link to finance providers and venture capitalists. Imuka’s goal is to increase the amount and effectiveness of capital and capacity development services provided to entrepreneurs in Uganda, ultimately, we believe that we can help lift Uganda out of poverty.

Imuka  Ventures  has  established  itself  as  an  upscaling  partner  with  various  local  business  incubation  centres  and  accelerators  to   provide  financial  and  business  development support services for graduate incubatees and promising innovative SMEs  within the community.


Our Service

Post‐Incubation  acceleration  of  start‐ups  and  SMEs with high growth potential.

Business development support

Providing Business development support  and advisory services.

Skill and Talent –matchmaking

Skill and Talent –matchmaking of  affordable and skilled youth in need of  employment experience.  

Enterprise Networking & Promotion

Entrepreneurial information sharing/best  practices and networking workshops.

Investment Facilitation & Linkages

Finance & Investment match making/linkages.


Capacity building

Capacity building support for social enterprises.

Impact Measurement

Research, benchmarking and impact measurement

Tracer/Follow-up Support

Tracer/ Follow up and monitoring growth performance based on agreed indicators.  

Technical assistance

Technical assistance – pre‐ & post‐investment support.

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution Consulting .


Program Specific

Imuka Accelerator

Imuka Accelerator Program

Imuka Accelerator provides the much needed personalized business development support knowledge, tools and expertise required to build and sustain businesses. We also facilitate in identifying capital source and the suitability of capital given their company’s stage of growth.

Imuka Women

Imuka Women Program

Imuka Women Program supports and implements enterprise development support, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women led business ventures thereby improving access and availability of finance to women for greater socio-economic impact in their communities.


Project Specific



Our partnership with Adansonia Project targets Start-ups and existing SMEs who benefit from Training, Peer to Peer Networking and Exposure to funding opportunities. For more details>>


Best accelerators and incubators in Uganda
The Imuka-Grow Movement mentorship unlocks the potential of entrepreneurs in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi by matching them with volunteer business consultants from around the world. Together they work for 6 months over Skype and mobile, identifying ways to improve their business, increase profitably and create employment.The mentorship is very structured and it is based on the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing in their businesses. The mentors are European Based Business Consultants with some from Boston Consulting Group in USA coordinated by our local team who also supports the coaching process. On this program , we support Entrepreneurs who we perceive that will highly benefit from this opportunity.




Our Team

You can always count on our competence, experience & innovative approaches to exceed expectations in each and every challenge or opportunity to deliver our services.

Roy M.W. Gakuo

Managing Director/Enterprise Development Consultant.

Herbert Ochiri Kisara

Business Modelling & Quantitative Analyst.

Dr. Denis Baka Asiimwe

Research & Impact Assessment Specialist.

Joseph Kalema

Financial Analyst.

Maxwell Okodi

Accounting Specialist.

Hellen Nakafu Mukasa

Governance, Legal affairs & Compliance.

Daniel Yiga Bukenya

Finance & Investment Analyst.

Prof. William Kyamuhangire

Agribusiness & Product Development Specialist.

Rogers Karebi

IT & IT Enabled Services Specialist.

Asingura Hosea

Partnership & Engagement.


Imuka means “Get up”!

Imuka Ventures

We profoundly believe that entrepreneurship can address prevailing poverty, youth unemployment and income gap in Uganda; if and only if start-ups and SMEs access reliable support to survive and thrive to achieve their growth potential.



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