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This is a great question that can be challenging to answer, because our activities really depend on the individual needs and development stage of the Small and Growing Businesses we work with!

However, when entrepreneurs sign up for the Imuka Accelerator program, there are some questions we always ask and that guide our personalized action plan:

  • Is your business officially registered? This is the first and very important step towards accessing financing.
  • Do you have detailed financial records for every month since you began operations?
  • Are your financial records digitized? What software are you using?
  • Do you have consistent and predictable cash flow each month? If not, how can you organize your activities towards this goal?
  • Do you have employees? How are they paid and do you keep records of payment?
  • As you plan to scale up, are you working with an accountant? Human resources specialist? Lawyer?
  • Are you following a detailed business plan with clear milestones, goals and objectives?
  • Have you conducted a market analysis for your sector in your area including an in-depth understanding of potential customers, partners and competitors?
  • How visible is your company brand? Do you have a website and social media accounts? How do you market your goods?

This list is by no means exhaustive, but provides a general idea of the focus of our work with you. And don’t worry, we are not expecting you to have clear answers for all of these questions. That’s where the mentorship and training element to our program comes in!

We accept applications on an on-going basis. To apply to the Imuka Accelerator program fill out our online application here. For enquiries about our other services offered, send us an email at

We work across many different sectors! You don’t have to be a tech company building the next up-and-coming app to work with us (although please do get in touch!). We focus on the entrepreneurs as individuals first – are you creative, determined, passionate about your business, and willing to learn? If you fit this description send us an email or apply and we’ll see what we can do for you.

We do have four focus sectors that most of the Small and Growing Businesses in our programs fall into:

  • ¬†Agro-processing: commercial value-addition agro-businesses.
  • ¬†Renewable Energy and Environmental Conservation
  • ¬†Information Technology and IT-enabled services.
  • Special Opportunities: Innovative enterprises with high growth and job creation potential in sectors such as tourism, healthcare, and education.