Imuka Ventures

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Imuka Ventures we are fully committed to building a fair, equitable and prosperous world in which businesses of all sizes are aware of and sensitive to how their work impacts the earth and other people. As such, we follow a set of Sustainability Principles that guide our decisions and actions toward this commitment.

Our Principles

1. Imuka Ventures shall nurture all Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) equally and without discrimination based on gender, religion, class, race, status or any other identity.

2. Imuka Ventures will uphold stewardship of the environment and long-term prosperity as a core elements in our own development and that of the SGBs we work with.

3. Imuka Ventures believes in collective efforts realized through supportive team work. Imuka shall work cooperatively with other like-minded partners promoting start-ups and SGBs with the goal of together strengthening and sustaining our sector.

4. Imuka Ventures shall seek the utmost professionalism in all its operations. We cherish the principle of results-oriented management and therefore all staff shall execute their work with minimum supervision based on their agreed action plans.

5. At Imuka Ventures, we pride ourselves on incorporating gender equity in all our operations both internally among staff, and externally with clients, stakeholders and beyond.