Imuka Ventures

The Imuka Access app is your business growth entry-point for expert mentorship, networking opportunities and financial investment.

A Marketplace of Opportunities

Imuka Access is a web and mobile software tool for entrepreneurs and investors alike. We are converting Imuka Ventures’ proven business growth and financing program into an accessible virtual experience for entrepreneurs of all types.

For Entrepreneurs

Expert Mentorship

Joining the ImukaAccess Support Program connects you to Imuka’s Expert Mentors, who assess you, the Entrepreneur, and your business, and walk you through the journey to becoming investment-ready. It’s a bit like having a sports coach or a cheerleader working with you to build the best possible future for your business.

Networking Opportunities

Get connected to grow! Imuka Ventures holds regular workshops and networking events, which are shared through ImukaAccess. We also share other networking events with you relevant to your sector and region.

Financial Investment

Your Business Profile and Pitch Book will become
available to Investors on ImukaAccess once your
business has been verified by an Imuka Ventures
team member. You can start this process by Joining
the ImukaAccess Support Program
or Enlisting Your
once you’ve signed up with an ImukaAccess

For Investors

Deal Sourcing

Right from the palm of your hand, you can search through Imuka's verified small businesses and start-ups seeking investment to grow. We do the research and conduct due diligence check-ups for you!

Due Diligence

ImukaAccess staff work with Entrepreneurs
to collect and analyze the business documents
necessary to assess their operations and future
capabilities. We support Entrepreneurs to build
a robust internal tracking system so that
Investors can monitor progress.

Direct Impact

Know that you are boosting the work of small
businesses with a positive social mandate.
Offer constructive feedback that can be the
difference between the business thriving or not.
Follow the growth of businesses that interests you,
and provide investment as they hit growth
milestones you’ve both identified.